Whilst Raminet offers services to both the private sector and public sector entities in South Africa, it has a long standing history of providing professional ICT services to National, Provincial and Local Government clients, as well as to State Owned Entities.

Offerings in the public sector include professional consulting services, provision and deployment of hardware and networking infrastructure, as well as the deployment and support of sophisticated ERP Systems, the most prominent of which has been SAP.

Our Listed Industries


The Vehicle-manufacturing industry has created a considerable multiplier effect in component and service providers. The automotive leather industry has grown rapidly, with exports significantly increasing foreign exchange earnings.

KwaZulu-Natal has also recently undergone rapid industrialisation, thanks to its abundant water supply and labour resources


SAP support and implementation for Legislature.


KwaZulu-Natal's manufacturing sector is the second largest in the country, after Gauteng Province. The manufacturing sector is geared for export, with nearly a third of South Africa's manufactured exports being produced in KwaZulu-Natal.

Its diversified nature is significant in the KwaZulu-Natal's economic growth rate, and generates 20 percent of provincial employment.


Parastatal company Umgeni is one of the largest utilities in the world, generating nearly all of South Africa's electricity. However, KwaZulu-Natal could soon be home to one of South Africa's first private sector-owned electricity-generation plants. Most of the funding will be from direct foreign investment.


In line with this diversity, KwaZulu-Natal offers a range of shopping experiences from mega-malls such as Gateway in Umhlanga which is KwaZulu-Natal's flagship shopping centre to rural micro markets.

The ongoing construction of new shopping malls and the expansion of existing ones across the Province, gives evidence to the fact that the retail trade is booming.


KwaZulu-Natal is striving to be a vibrant, innovative, fully inclusive knowledge society with a strong ICT and electronics brand that speaks of innovative approaches to local and global challenges. There are approximately 240 companies in the ICT and electronics sectors within KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

Of these, about 180 are in the ICT sector and about 60 in the electronics sector. The KZN ICTE sector is heavily concentrated in Durban. More than 80% of the firms in the sector and well over 90% of employment in the sector are in Durban and the surrounding suburbs.

Our Key Business Partners

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